The ICP Summary

This week, VIBING to infinity

Internet Computer Developments

  • Dfinity comes out with VIBES, their new Swag shop, with exclusive Dfinity clothing collection.
  • Demergent Labs has started work on Kybra, a Python CDK for the Internet Computer. Milestone achieved by executing Python within a canister for the first time.
  • Instantly capturing and displaying on-chain real-time data regarding prices, business events, geolocation, and more, now possible on the Internet Computer rendering the use of blockchain oracles redundant.
Yotam Harchol’s thread on HTTPS requests

Community updates

  • Internet Computer Plat have announced the launch of their new token $PLAT on 16th September.
  • Codebase, A new Dapp launched recently has set its sights to replace Github to enable incentive aligned software development.
Paul Young’s announcement of Codebase
ICPLab kickoff
Entrepot’s Google Calendar integration launch

Crypto news in a nutshell

Internet Computer’s NFT summary

  • BTC Flower ranked 1st among the top 10 NFT projects this week with 5356 ICP volume traded.
  • Astro samurai has been listed on Entrepot.
  • Crypto Wizards is now tradable on Entrepot.
  • DGDG just added Canic NFT Cards on canister app.
  • Coin stars NFT and Kawaii vhs now live on Entrepot.



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