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3 min readAug 18, 2022
A Neuron

Internet Computer Developments

  • A new proposal is gaining traction among circles in the ICP space. It is an NNS Proposal for adding Anvil as a Named Neuron. This has sparked a conversation on Twitter about further decentralization of ICP by adding more named neurons.
  • Supernova twitter space #2 by DFINITY happened on 15th August. Many of the big names in ICP were a part of this space including CrowdfundNFT, Candid+, dsquadNFT. You can watch the recording over at The upcoming Supernova space has also been scheduled for August 17th. Kinic and other huge dApps will be showcased.
DFINITY tweet about upcoming ICP Twitter Spaces
  • The DFINITY Foundation has been collaborating with other developer groups such as Distrikt’s and InfinitySwap’s developers on an official token standard, the ICRC-1 token standard.
  • New ‘Community’ Neurons are under discussion in the DFINITY developer forums. These will be Neurons under command of other ‘member’ Neurons.

Community updates

  • Motoko Mechs original launch date was postponed due to a snag in the code but they have been launched.
  • ICPSquad’s Ask me anything with ICPlatypus happened on 17th August. Supplemented with an 8 NFT giveaway.
  • Discord tool Glue now supports the ICP ledger standard. Discord guilds can now check if their members have ICP or other tokens that adhere to the ICP ledger standard.
  • NFTGeek added a new feature that allows users to track all of their ICP transactions in chronological order, like a collection of all of their Wallets in one place.
NFT Geek Tweet about new ICP features
  • IC Ghost NFT, the first meme NFT on the IC network by ICPlink has reached 10000 holders. Their token $GHOST has been increasing in value exponentially for the past week as it gets airdropped to their NFT holders and other partnered NFT holders.
  • ContentFly releases a new sneak peek at their new payments dApp. Further information about ‘Beam Payments’ will be made available during a Supernova Twitter space (on 24th August).
  • Catalyze, a Discord alternative built on-chain on the Internet Computer Protocol, has opened up its private beta. Public beta is next.
Content Fly Tweet about new ICP Payment App
  • Pokedbots holding a contest to see AI-generated submissions. The winner to get a free pokedbot.

Crypto news in a nutshell

  • NFT giant Bored Ape Yacht Club had a twitter space to discuss their origins and plans to celebrate their 1 million follower benchmark.
  • Bitcoin briefly broke through the psychologically significant $25,000 mark in overnight trading, before paring those gains during U.S. trading hours coming back down to $20,000.
  • The founder of crypto exchange Huobi Global is in talks to sell a majority stake in the company. Leon Li is looking to sell almost 60% of the firm. He is seeking an overall valuation of $2 billion to $3 billion. A deal could be completed as soon as the end of this month.
  • After increasing cases of stolen NFTs, OpenSea will now require a police report to be submitted within seven days of users flagging an NFT as stolen. The platform previously blocked assets from being bought, sold, or transferred as it investigated each case.
  • Chinese tech giant Tencent has suspended NFT sales on its platform, citing increased regulatory scrutiny in the country.
  • has been granted a permit to perform certain unspecified “crypto activities” in the UK.

Internet Computer’s NFT summary

  • OBJCT NFT Public Sale has one week left. All unsold NFTs will be burned. Holders will get access to future Airdrops
  • Serval Spy drop expected to launch on Yumi within the week
  • ICWhiskers NFT soon to be launched after TeamBonsai tweeted about their dApp development.
  • IC Mfers Fork event to be held on CCC.
  • ICPlatypus drop coming to Entrepot on August 20th.



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