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3 min readSep 8, 2022


This week, people coming together.

Internet Computer Developments

  • DFINITY continues with its tradition of monthly roadmap updates… This edition covers both August and September.
  • In a viral Twitter thread, Bob Bodily pointed out 20 things the IC network could improve upon. Currently, one of the most liked IC tweets of the month.
Bob Bodily’s Twitter thread
  • The Motoko Language team created a survey to get more feedback on improving the language.
  • ICP<>BTC integration tutorial #2 has been uploaded on YouTube. This time it dives deeper and shows how to set up the local BTC network.
  • Internet Identity just got its new design update!
  • The ICP network recently crossed 150000 canisters!

Community updates

  • Dfinity Community, the oldest and largest community news site for all things IC, held its first-ever live stream event.
  • Distrikt, one of the biggest social media dApps on the Internet Computer, received another 100k $ICP from the Open Internet Foundation, following last year’s funding of 40k $ICP.
  • After a string of ICP meetups in America, CrowdfundNFT is organizing a meetup with Pokedstudios in London!
CrowdfundNFT’s tweet for the meetup
  • NFID is now the default authentication provider for new users of OpenChat. This decision has been taken to welcome web2 users into the app with a familiar login system.
  • Some new “3D pods” announced on Twitter by an unknown account might be copies of Distrikt Pods as Distrikt confirmed they’re not affiliated with the project and will be making their own 3d version of the pods soon enough.
  • DFINITY is extending its community outreach by making its very own discord server. This server will be used as an announcement for all things ICP.

Crypto news in a nutshell

  • Russia has acknowledged that it may be necessary for the country to legalize the use of cryptocurrencies in cross-border settlements.
  • Binance has banned USDC, USDP, and TUSD from trading on its exchange. Customers’ holdings of USDC will be converted to Binance’s BUSD.
  • FTX will suspend Ethereum deposits, withdrawals, and trading on multiple blockchains until the Merge is finished and networks are stable.

Internet Computer’s NFT summary

  • Moonwalker NFT utility is coming to PlethoraGame in September.
  • DGDG app now allows buying NFTs from multiple marketplaces for a minute fee. All the markets are listed on their Twitter account.
  • BTC skull have been airdropped to BTC Flower holders.
  • Kip Ugly will mint on Memecake on September 9th.
  • BTC Skull will mint on Yumi marketplace on September 9th.



Hot or Not

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