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2 min readNov 18, 2022


This week, the SNS airdrop.

Internet Computer Developments

  • Dfinity announces SNS-1 token airdrops to DSCVR, distrikt, and OpenChat users. SNS-1 is a significant milestone for the Internet Computer because it is the first SNS DAO to launch on ICP.
  • The Dfinity ICP ecosystem now has over 330 projects, with many more on the way. You can check out the list here.
  • The first internet computer meet-up in Belgium will take place on November 24, 2022.
  • A federal court in California dismissed Dfinity’s trademark infringement lawsuit against Meta (Facebook) over their logo resembling an infinity symbol.
  • The internet community developer community reached 10,000 members!

Community updates

  • Entrepot announced a collaboration with Maddies co to provide NFT projects with the option of launching a merchandise e-commerce store that will be seamlessly integrated with Entrepot.
  • InfinitySwap will be expanding its wallet outreach to BTC and ETH communities taking advantage of integrations into the ICP network.
  • Vault, a decentralised sports betting exchange built on ICP, has released its new merch.
  • TheSwop will be launching Twitter Spaces events to help raise awareness for crypto projects. According to their Twitter, it will not be limited to any specific blockchain.
  • BingX, a cryptocurrency trading platform, will add ICP to its trading options.
  • You can visit the Dfinity Zurich HQ on Cubetopia, currently a work in progress by 6Figs.

Crypto news in a nutshell

  • GBTC, the world’s largest crypto fund, hits a record 42% discount to the value of the bitcoin it holds as it plunges 74%, outpacing the cryptocurrency’s 64% drop.
  • Nike sprints into web3 with new .SWOOSH platform. The footwear giant’s latest Web3 move will allow community members to create and trade their own digital collectibles.
  • Indian Web3 players form new industry body named Bharat Web3 Association. This comes four months after the original crypto body Blockchain and Crypto Council of India (BACC) was dismantled.
  • Sony files patent for tracking in-game digital assets with NFTs. The patent would allow gamers to own unique in-game assets and collectibles from their favorite esports stars.
  • Yakoa, an NFT fraud detection startup, has raised $4.8 million to build tools to fight intellectual property fraud in web3.

Internet Computer’s NFT summary

  • Entrepot partners with Maddies Co to provide ICP NFT projects with merchandise stores.
  • The Genesis Collection created by idarkstudio is coming to Yumi marketplace.
  • Checkmate alpha’s public mint is now live on Entrepot.
  • Interstellar Day Drop created by icpleague_com is live on Yumi marketplace.



Hot or Not

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